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Puppy Train & Explore Package

  During their first 12 weeks of life, puppies are in a critical period for learning.  Their experiences during this time help define the dog they will become.  Having exposure to as many positive experiences as possible can help prevent future issues such as reactivity, fear, aggression, and anxiety.  While some factors such as genetics and early life rearing do play a part in a dog's temperament, early training and socialization can have a dramatic impact on a dog's future behavior.  The Puppy Train & Explore Package is a comprehensive training and socialization program to give your puppy a strong foundation.


Our 6 week program consists of 2 training sessions per week and 1 follow up session with you and your dog.  During the 1 hour training sessions, your puppy will learn basic obedience fundamentals such as sit, down, and recall, fear prevention training, and socialization.  Training is done at your home as well as via field trips to public spaces and homework is given so that you can practice with your puppy between sessions.  The complete 13 session package costs $1365 and can be booked after a free virtual initial consultation.

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