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How we train

Canine Chemistry Dog Training, LLC trains using force free, positive reinforcement methods based on modern scientific research.  This means I do NOT use outdated methods such as pain (choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, etc.), fear (squirt bottles, shaker noise cans, etc.), or force ("alpha rolls", leash jerks, etc.) as a motivator.  There are many reasons why I reject such methods, perhaps most importantly because it can have a negative impact not only to our relationship with our dogs, but also to their physical and emotional health.  This negative impact can result in a dog becoming fearful or aggressive.  For more information, click on the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Position Statement on Humane Dog Training on the right or on the Resources page.

Methods Matter: the consumer protection issue

The dog training industry is unregulated.  So what can consumers do when there are no requirements for education, experience, or standards in place to ensure the trainer they are hiring is a professional who can help and not make matters worse?  Watch this video to learn how to find a safe and effective trainer for your dog.

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Meet the trainer

Hi!  My name is Bridget Gonzalez and I'm the owner of Canine Chemistry Dog Training, LLC.  Since getting my first dog at 5 years old, I have loved dogs and always had at least one in my life.  After college, I adopted a Bullmastiff named Ozzy.  Because of the giant size of the breed, I signed up for a puppy class where I had my first formal experience with dog training.  This serendipitous experience planted the seed which eventually led me to pursue dog training as a full time profession.  I obtained my Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers where I graduated with honors.

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